Schiphol matched all our needs in every way

In September 2011, Terremark, a subsidiary of Verizon, opened its first private European data center the “NAP of Amsterdam,” which provides direct access to the Internet exchange point AMS-IX at Schiphol.

“We considered various locations across Europe,” said Eric Lisica, VP of Data Center Services Europe at Terremark. “The Netherlands, and in particular the Amsterdam/Schiphol area, had by far the best opportunities to offer, not least due to the large demand for colocation services here, and the widespread availability of carriers. Additionally, the fact that a sufficient power supply was available to us at this location played an important role.”

“Schiphol matched all our needs in every way,” added Lisica. “A data center not only requires a large amount of space, but it consumes an amount of electricity that is normally difficult to obtain. Schiphol can not only provide us with the room we need, it can also provide the 46 megawatts of power we require in order to achieve our ambitions in the future. Finally, the fact that practically all the large carriers have a location in the Netherlands was a major factor in our decision.”

Terremark has cooperated closely with NFIA, Amsterdam in business and SADC/AAA. “We have received an enormous amount of help from the NFIA and its regional partners in this process,” Lisica said. “Because the NFIA has an extensive network of corporate partners and government bodies, they were able to put us in touch with the right people at organizations such as the Tax Authority and NL Agency. This accelerated the processes around the construction of our data center significantly.”

March 2012



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