‘Amsterdam is extremely well-suited as a hub for international business'

In 2004, Chicago-based entertainment company, Gracenote (formerly Tribune Media Services) opened an office in Amsterdam in order to provide better service to a big European client. In 2012, the company decided to expand its focus on Europe and provide a boost to international activities, with the Amsterdam branch as its base of operations.



Blanca Guzman, Director of International Content Acquisition, was tasked with introducing the company to the international market and building up relationships with suppliers of content throughout Europe. “In order to achieve our growth ambitions,” Guzman said, “we urgently needed a total of 12 new employees, each with a fairly unique combination of skills including fluency in both English and Swedish.”

The NFIA put Gracenote in contact with a number of recruitment agencies in Amsterdam that were able to fill these vacancies in a very short time. “Amsterdam is such an international city! We haven’t had any trouble at all yet in finding qualified new employees.”

“Overall, the services of the NFIA were really invaluable, and facilitated our plans for international expansion,” Guzman added. “And to my great surprise their advice and support was entirely free of charge!”

“Amsterdam is extremely well-suited as a hub for international business,” Guzman said. “With Schiphol, of course, but also thanks to the efficient public transportation, the central location within Europe, the favorable tax system for foreign investors, and the ability to access a diverse pool of resources that are best suited to our needs.”

February 2013



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