Commercial operation for new production facility in Amsterdam

Chemtura Corporation is a global chemicals developer and producer of a broad range of specialty chemical products. It manufactures products in 11 countries that are being sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.


In 2013, Chemtura started up its new European manufacturing plant in Amsterdam for its Synton® high-viscosity polyalphaolefin (HVPAO) synthetic basestocks, addressing the increasing global demand for these products in both high-end automotive and sophisticated industrial applications. Commercial deliveries of the products began in 2014 to customers in Europe, where Chemtura sees the highest demand and fastest projected growth.

“The Netherlands has a lot to offer to companies wanting to set up business there, such as its central location in Europe, excellent infrastructure, and presence of seaports and airports, all of which are essential to a global company like Chemtura. Another important factor was that we already owned a factory at the site in the Western Port area of Amsterdam,” said Hans Wierbosch, Amsterdam Site Manager for Chemtura Manufacturing Netherlands B.V.

What also played a key role were the efforts by the Port of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

“These organizations played an important role in convincing us to build the HVPAO plant here. Their positive attitude toward our parent company especially impressed the decision-makers at our U.S. headquarters,” Wierbosch explained. “They really joined in on our thought processes in every aspect, which helped us to settle on a practical approach to supplying our markets in Europe and beyond.”


June 2015



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